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Experience Mallorca Sports


Training Journey for those who want to feel good, get in shape for the winter or get better [...]

From mountain to fjord - Meet the spring in the Sognefjord!


Photo; MTB, Manfred Stromberg /, Sognefjord area in Fjord Norway offers free skiing in early spring in great shape. [...]

Kullamannen Trail - Skåne's largest road races!


"Salomon Trail Tour" is the largest tour for trail running in races across the country. The [...]

Elixir- the action sports festival 2015


It's time to take the Elixir to the next level. This year we go out hard [...]

Eco-adventures and yoga in Dala-Floda - New Eden


Welcome to a unique trip to Dala-flow in the summer, with the theme ecological lifestyle, close to nature, adventure and yoga

Experience Ugong Rock Adventures!


Photo; Princess Buhian Guiding in a cave system, water park and the ziplines! Ugong Rock is a limestone cave formation [...]

Actions 360


Gather your friends and challenge each other in a crazy activity. Heatwave Racing football, also called Bubble Ball Football is an activity that is perfect for a bridal shower ...

Crooked House in Sopot, Poland


The Village of Joy published list of the 50 strangest buildings in the world. The first place went to the unique, unusual ....

Bouncy Boxing


Planning a bridal shower or bachelorette party? More fun activity than the bouncy boxing and sumo wrestling will have to look long for!

Sumo Wrestling


Planning a bridal shower or bachelorette party? A fun activity than sumo wrestling and bouncy boxing gets [...]

Salen Dog & Activity!


Salen Dog & Activity has both activities for dog owners as well as familial activities for the [...]

Strand, more popular than ever among Swedes!


Strand mountain is more popular than ever among Swedes - and it's no wonder. Strand is one of the most snow-sites in Norway ....

New photography exhibition at Photographic - Jimmy Nelson


Jimmy Nelson, Before They Pass Away - November 27 to February 1. Jimmy Nelson engineer reality. Humbly, yet grand, he shows the beauty and diversity that exists in the world.

Togebodha 3D trajectory of the archery


Kick off? Team Building? Företagsakriviteter otherwise? Hen? Stag? Family Day? Birthday or just general fun [...]

Christmas Markets in Norway that you do not want to miss


Want to experience the traditional Christmas markets, you should head to Norway. It features arts and crafts and [...]

Northern Norway - 5 best place in the world!


Northern Norway named one of the best places in the world by Lonely Planet Norway impresses [...]

Predators Country Photo Travel


Experience and photo trips to Svalbard, Finland and Jämtland. We want to give our tour participants experiences and [...]

High Coast, Sweden's new adventure destination!


300 participants from 15 countries attended the High Coast Hike 2014. Photographer / Source: Mark Sjoberg High Coast [...]

Experience Christmas in Denmark!

Photo, Kim Wyon

Experience Denmark when it is at its mysigast - on Christmas! When the temperature falls warming [...]

Skiing & wave surfing in Fjord Norway!


Swedish interest in winter in Norway is record high. Exotic Fjord Norway is well known for spectacular skiing in the beautiful snowy alpine mountains that plunge straight down into the blue fjords.

Experience "Utmaningarnas House"!


A visit to Utmaningarnas House is a guaranteed different experience. The challenges consist of 40 unique [...]

Meeting Offers northern lights in northern Norway!


The interest in the Northern Lights trips to Northern Norway has skyrocketed in recent years. The picture above Northern lights over "Vågakallen" in Lofoten, Northern Norway. Photographer-

MyPlanet launches ski trips to Aspen, United States!


During all these years, we have received requests from customers who have already visited Canada and now want to experience America's great skiing, what could be better than Aspen?

Experience festivals, carnivals and nightclubs!


Rhythm Travels® is a new Online Travel Agency that focuses on music tourism by offering a Global Event Guide that allows music lovers to explore [....]

Wilderness Life


Hunting, Fishing & Nature Adventure in Lapland! Wilderness Life in Arvidsjaur offer food and lodging in the scenic [...]

Experience julklassikern, A Christmas Carol!


Christmas tradition continues at Maximteatern by Charles Dickens Christmas classic "A Christmas Carol". On 10 December, the A [...]

A wonderful night for two!


Location: Tjolöholm Castle, Fjaras, Halland 4 mil south of Gothenburg On Tjolöholm offered accommodation for [...]

Trail riding in the deep forests of Småland on Haflinger


Trail riding in the deep forests of Småland with fabulous Haflinger horses. Join us and our lovely Haflinger horses [...]

Tjauls Farm in Gotland, adventure for real!


Come and stay in our lovely island of Gotland Farm with exclusive hotel in the farmhouse only 16 km away [...]

David LaChapelle fills the entire Photographic!


An exhibition of the American art, fashion and advertising photographer David LaChapelle. The exhibition fills every square meter exhibition space [...]

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